How MBO Works for Independent Professionals

Independent professionals join MBO through an enterprise with an independent workforce program administered by MBO or by signing up on our Marketplace directly. 

No matter how they join, MBO expands an independent professional’s network of clients and facilitates a higher level of project opportunities with industry-leading companies.  

MBO also handles onboarding and client engagement requirements so that independent professionals can get to work as quickly and conveniently as possible.   

MBO’s  support services make each engagement an efficient, seamless, and profitable process — covering invoicing, payments, and strategic opportunities to team up with other independents. 


Getting Started  

After creating an account, independent professionals provide the following information to complete their Marketplace Profile:

  • Zip code, phone, travel preferences 
  • Professional title and summary 
  • Desired hourly rate range 
  • Top 5 professional skills 
  • Resume (optional) 
  • Work experience, from your most recent or current project 
  • Engagement preferences 
  • Profile picture (optional) 
  • Education, certifications (optional)  

When independent professionals belong to one of our client networks, only those enterprises — and those with opportunities in which the talent has directly indicated interest — are able to view their Profile.   

The best way for talent to gain more visibility in Marketplace is by applying for opportunities with a company they haven’t worked with before. By expressing interest in an open project, independents make their Profiles accessible to that company’s hiring managers going forward. 

Once you spot an appealing opportunity, select I'm Interested in the project details, submit answers to the screening questions, and the assigned recruiter will be notified of your interest.    

From there, the recruiter will reach out directly if they feel your background and experience are a good fit for the needs of the project.   

After an independent professional accepts an opportunity, a member of MBO's enrollment team reaches out directly with the next steps for onboarding and starting the assignment.  

MBO's enterprise clients carefully evaluate Marketplace Profiles when considering applicants, so maintaining a complete, up-to-date profile increases the likelihood of being selected. MBO staffers can also access and review Marketplace Profiles, often to support enterprise clients in finding the right talent for their projects and network.

Overall, the MBO Platform affords skilled talent a competitive edge as they launch, build, and scale their independent business into long-term relationships with top companies worldwide. 

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