Why Enterprises Use MBO

Among the many reasons why enterprises use MBO are two main priorities. 

  • Managing and optimizing an existing independent workforce at scale 
  • Quickly finding and onboarding exceptionally skilled independent professionals 

These two priorities are not mutually exclusive. Some enterprises start with one before adding the other, and many companies steadily expand their business with MBO after initially engaging for a very specific need. 

Most of our enterprise client relationships evolve organically through the years into closely collaborative, lasting partnerships. 

Harnessing the next way of working 

There is an overarching reason why enterprises use MBO — one that is very much about this moment in history. As our latest research confirmed, there was a record-breaking surge in the number of independent workers in the United States, up from 38 million in 2020 to over 51 million in 2021. 


This phenomenon is a movement,

a technological and societal transformation in how we work.  


With independent work overall becoming more mainstream, online platforms and marketplaces serve as powerful facilitators. Only MBO, however, comes equipped with the industry’s greatest team of independent workforce specialists alongside the most experienced community of highly skilled independent professionals. 

Enterprises are inclined to recognize this seminal juncture between rising independence and the skyrocketing demand for skills as an opportunity to be harnessed – as opposed to a challenge to be navigated. The companies that harness the opportunity are rapidly expanding their independent workforce capacity, following top talent to greater efficiency, flexibility, and growth. 



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