Why top independents use MBO

Why Top Independents Use MBO 

Top independent professionals are discriminating, in-demand, and typically focused less on finding work than filtering through a surfeit of available opportunities while managing their time and resources efficiently.  

In effect, they operate more like small businesses than sole practitioners — with commensurate goals, ambitions, and administrative needs.  

What MBO provides top independent professionals, therefore, transcends access to premium projects and enterprise networks. Our offerings boast the added value of a responsive, cost-effective partnership across every vital point of the professional journey. 


Platform power 

Driving scale far beyond what any single person can achieve alone, our platform provides the technological, infrastructural, and human support necessary for top independent professionals to maximize what they do best and grow their business. 

From centralized billing, collections, and payments to affordable insurance options and team-forming opportunities with other independents to execute larger, more complicated projects, MBO serves like a virtual consulting and business management firm all rolled into one. 


Brand-building expertise 

MBO knows independents — and the independent economy — better than anyone, with more than two decades of industry-leading advocacy and over $1 billion in annual service billings.  

That experience is a potent force for guiding and elevating careers. 

Comprised of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies, MBO’s enterprise client network meanwhile enables top independents to find their lane, grow their brand, and excel at the pinnacle of projects and professional collaborations. 

With MBO’s platform and Support Team simultaneously helping independents operate with the resources and scale of a large company, top talent can quickly thrive as self-determined businesses of one. 


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