Approved activities

In addition to taking advantage of our services and solutions, independent professionals can pursue additional approved activities to boost their business on our platform.  

For Independents

Beyond leveraging MBO’s technological, infrastructural, and hands-on human support, independent professionals can raise their visibility and build their network by taking the initiative with the following approved activities: 

  • Post and promote your Marketplace Profile on LinkedIn (and other professional sites and social media channels).  
  • Share MBO's social posts, articles, and thought leadership content.  
  • Announce completed projects or share new roles you've recently accepted. 
  • Share your ideas and win new clients with crowdsourcing challenges through our MindSumo platform. 
  • Recruit other independents with complementary skills and build a virtual Rolodex of partners. 
  • Take advantage of our proprietary teaming solution to partner with other independent professionals so you can expand your service capabilities (and land bigger projects). 
  • Access templated work arrangements and contracts for diverse collaboration models. 
  • Leverage our brokerage model to seamlessly split payments and receive commissions for the talent you recommend and place with clients.  

Paired with a longstanding focus on the higher end of independent workforce opportunities, MBO’s integrated product suite makes us the go-to option for talent interested in directly engaging with large enterprise clients while launching, running, and growing a thriving independent business. 

For Enterprises

As the only workforce platform tailor-made for enterprise organizations, MBO is an express lane to the future of work — pairing exceptionally skilled talent with the industry’s most innovative compliance solutions and independent workforce management systems.  

Enterprise clients can: 

  • Design and implement independent talent programs at enterprise scale.  
  • Attract, engage, and re-engage 70,000+ highly skilled independent professionals. 
  • Find independent talent via MBO’s Marketplace platform — or streamline talent sourcing with an MBO advisor or their own curated network. 
  • Attract top talent via branded company pages on Marketplace. Create and manage open role postings. Negotiate rates directly and get to work fast. 
  • Create communities where it is easy to search, categorize, and nurture independents. 
  • Build programs and incorporate technology to create a fluid workforce landscape that broadens the pool of available talent. 
  • Ensure compliance through talent engagement solutions built for enterprise scale. (Candidates are individually vetted so your entity is indemnified, reducing risk.) 
  • Embrace a flexible, blended workforce operating across full-time employees and external partners — with emphasis on ready access to an on-demand workforce that can deliver now and in the future. 
  • Access breakthrough ideas from 700,000+ creative problem solvers on MindSumo.

Top talent has never been more indispensable — and in-demand. MBO empowers enterprises to win this increasingly competitive human capital game with innovative independent workforce optimization and management solutions supported by our steadily evolving platform experience. 



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