Transitioning from Business Center to MBO Platform - FAQ

What is the MBO Platform?

The MBO Platform is our new system that brings all of your MBO items – projects, payments, time entry, and more to a single location.

What are the new features?

Our new Platform provides a better experience for managing all of your projects and reconciling your payments.

Now you can:

  • View all of your projects (previously known as work order) from the Dashboard and Projects Tab
  • View total payouts, completed, pending transactions, and payment statuses right from the Dashboard and Payments tab
  • Download and filter payment records (Please note, older payments records may take longer to move to Platform. Please refer to Business Center to access these records)

Will I need to create an entirely new account?
No, not if you were using Business Center. Your Business Center email address and password will be used to log in to MBO Platform.

What if I have multiple MBO projects with different clients?

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. You have multiple clients, some are on Platform and some are still in Business Center. In this case, you’ll continue to use Business Center for the clients in Business Center. For your clients in Platform, you will use Platform.
  2. You have multiple clients and all are on Platform.

In this case you’ll use Platform for manage your projects and payments.

So, I will still be able to access my old Business Center account?

Yes. You’ll still have your Business Center account for any historical information and documentation.

Again, if you have a client that is still using Business Center, you will use both systems until everyone has transitioned to the new MBO Platform.

How do I access the new MBO Platform?

  1. Visit



2. Log in with the email address you use for MBO and your password. This will be the email address and password that you use to log in to Business Center.

How can I update my personal information?

Through the Settings section in your account you will be directed to where you can update key pieces of information:


  • Email Address: You’ll need to submit a ticket to our Care Team to update your email address
  • Personal Information: Click the link


  • Direct Deposit: You can modify your direct deposit information


  • You can mange your password and two-factor authentication in OKTA

Tax Information:

  • You can manage your tax documents through JobDiva

How do I track my time, milestone, and/or expenses:

If your client uses a VMS: Generally, you can access the VMS for your assignment by selecting the Manage Time/Milestone or Manage Expenses options from the Project menu.

If you work with a client using a VMS you should always refer to the specific instructions provided to you for your assignment. You should have received these with your activation email. If you do not have these, please submit a ticket to the Care Team for specific instructions.



If your client does not use a VMS:  You can manage those through JobDiva. To access, click the menu, then Manage Time.

(Be sure to review your client’s expense submission policies.)

As a payroll worker, how will I view paystubs?

MBO uses ADP as our payroll processor. All paystubs are available in ADP. Use your ADP credentials (set up during initial onboarding) to view/print your paystubs.

As an independent worker with my own business entity, how do I track payments?

Log into and select Payments to view your approved and completed payments.

Please note that, for most contractors, payments will appear in your account once they have been approved to be paid by your client. 

What if I don’t see my expected payment or it’s wrong?

If there is something wrong with your payment or you don’t see it, please contact the MBO Care Team.

How do I set up or change my direct deposit?

Vendor Servcies and  Business Services Contractors should submit direct deposit requests here. The MBO Care Team will create a secure form and assign it to you in your JobDiva Candidate Portal.

Payroll Services can access ADP, where their direct deposit information lives, through the new MBO Platform. After clicking Payment Settings, log into ADP using your ADP credentials. Direct deposit details can be found under the Myself menu item in ADP.

A new direct deposit setup requires a 1-2-week “prenote” process. A prenote test transaction is sent to your bank to validate your account information. Live checks may be mailed to you until the prenote test is completed.

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