Profile Scores

Solver Profile Scores on MindSumo are a new way for Solvers to differentiate themselves. Each scores is a representation of your experience as a solver - the more experienced you are, the better your score will be!


What are the different scores?

There are four different profile scores:



rookie_badge.png amaeur_badge.png pro_badge.png


You begin your MindSumo journey as a Rookie and as time passes and you grow as a solver, you have the opportunity to improve your score.

How was my score calculated?

While we can't disclose how scores were calculated exactly, we can say the the score is a representation of your recent performance on MindSumo.

How do I change my score?

The best way to change your score is to solve as many challenges as possible and to provide quality submissions. Not only will that help improve your score, but you'll get the added benefit of earning some extra money. 


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